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Details of the Fee Structure

Sr. No. Class Monthly Fees
1 First Rs.750/-
2 Second Rs.750/-
3 Third Rs.750/-
4 Fourth Rs.750/-
5 Fifth Rs.750/-
6 Sixth Rs.850/-
7 Seventh Rs.850/-
8 Eighth Rs.850/-
9 Ninth Rs.1000/-
10 Tenth Rs.1000/-
11 11th & 12th (Arts) Rs.1100/-
12 11th & 12 Science ( Non
13 11th & 12 Science ( Medical) Rs.1550/-


Payment of Fee

  1. Full payment of all the fee and dues as payable by a new student at the time of admission as per the schedule laid down by the school.
  2. Children for whom fee have not been paid up-to-date may be prevented from taking school or public examinations. Transfer certificate will not be issued until all outstanding amounts are cleared.